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Filling injection can be used in the treatment of age-related wrinkles and volume loss, increasing skin quality and face shaping.

Fillers are divided into three as temporary, semi-permanent and permanent. Fillers containing hyaluronic acid are temporary fillers. Hyaluronic acid-containing fillers are the most preferred fillers in terms of less side-effect profile and compatibility with the skin.

When Does the Filling Effect Start? How Long Does Filling Last?

In applications made with the aim of gaining volume, the effect is observed immediately after the application. Although the permanence of the fillers varies according to the product used, it is 6-12 months for the fillers containing hyaluronic acid.

Filling Application Time

The filling application takes an average of 15-45 minutes depending on the application area.

Baby Face Ultra

Baby Face Ultra is a LaseMD device with American FDA approval. With Lutronic thulium laser technology, it opens 6,000 micro channels per minute in the skin.

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