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It is an enzymatic peeling in which the skin is completely renewed gradually and in a controlled manner, providing maximum effect in the correction and regulation of hyperpigmentation.

How is Dermamelan® treatment applied?

A cream mask, applied in the clinic, remains on the skin for 4 hours and is then removed. The treatment is continued for 4 months with Dermamelan® 2, a soothing cream and sunscreen for home use.

What side effects can I expect during Dermamelan® treatment?

With Dermamelan® application, redness and a feeling of warmth may be observed. There may also be mild flaking and sensitivity in home treatment. These effects disappear with the application of recommended home products.

When will I start to see an effect with Dermamelan® treatment?

In the first weeks after the treatment, the skin texture improves and the color of the stain decreases. However, the full effect is observed in the 4th month with the use of the home kit.

Will my spots be permanently removed during Dermamelan® treatment?

With Dermamelan® treatment, the spots are significantly reduced. However, it is important to continue regular use of household products and sunscreen as spots may recur after treatment.

Can Dermamelan® treatment be repeated?

In resistant spots, treatment can be repeated annually.

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Baby Face Ultra is a LaseMD device with American FDA approval. With Lutronic thulium laser technology, it opens 6,000 micro channels per minute in the skin.

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