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Lichen Planus

Lichen planus is a skin disease characterized by skin, mucous membrane and nail involvement. The typical lesion of the disease is purple-colored itchy skin rashes.

Lesions are often seen on the inside of the wrists, but they can also be observed on the whole body, inside the mouth, genital area and scalp. It is important in terms of hair loss in the form observed in the hair. Nail involvement is in the form of nail streaking and structure disorder.

It is important to evaluate patients in terms of drugs that trigger lichen planus, infections (especially hepatitis C infection) and accompanying diseases. The diagnosis of lichen planus can be made clinically, but a skin biopsy may be required for a definitive diagnosis. Topical treatments for lichen planus, oral antihistamines for itching, depending on the severity of the disease. and immunosuppressive drugs.

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