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Carbon Peeling

Carbon peeling is a laser treatment that performs skin rejuvenation (renewal) applied with Q switch laser after carbon-containing solutions are applied to the skin.

Carbon Peeling Usage Areas

With the application of carbon peeling, an anti-aging effect is possible by shrinking the pores on the skin, reducing skin oiliness, treating acne and blemishes, and reducing fine lines on the skin instead.

How Many Sessions and At Which Intervals Should Carbon Peeling Be Done?

Depending on the treatment indication on the skin, it is recommended to apply 4-8 sessions between 1-4 weeks. After 30 minutes of treatment, the patient can continue his daily life. It is important to use sunscreen after the procedure and to apply the treatment recommended by your dermatologist, which will vary according to the disease.

Nd Yag Laser Hair Removal

Fotona Nd:YAG laser systems are ideal for permanent hair reduction as well as many other aesthetic skin treatments.

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