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Seborrheic Dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is characterized by redness and oily dandruff on the skin, especially on the eyebrows and sides of the nose, ears, scalp, beard area, anterior chest and back.

The disease has a recurrent and chronic course. The location and severity of involvement may vary from patient to patient. Activation of the disease is often seen with stress and seasonal change. The diagnosis of seborrheic dermatitis is made by dermatological examination.

In the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis, treatment is provided with topical and sometimes orally applied drugs during the exacerbation period of the disease. It is recommended to use dermocosmetic shampoos and creams developed for seborrheic dermatitis to continue the effectiveness provided by the treatment.

What is Jalupro Youth Serum?

Jalupro is a mesotherapy product, also known as youth serum, approved by the Ministry of Health.

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