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What is Jalupro Youth Serum?

Class III certified, CE approved. Thanks to Jalupro youth serum, which rejuvenates the skin, the moisture, vitality and resistance lost by the skin due to aging, harmful effects of the sun, stress and malnutrition are restored.

What Does Jalupro Youth Serum Contain and How Does It Work?

Jalupro youth serum has 4 different types: Jalupro® Classic, Jalupro® HMW, Jalupro® Super Hydro and Jalupro® Eye. In each form, it contains hyaluronic acids with different amounts and densities, functional amino acids and biomimetic peptides, which are the building blocks of collagen synthesis.

The product selection in Jalupro youth serums varies according to the patient's age, skin type and expected response. All of its forms, with the high content of hyaluronic acid it contains, provide a lively and moisture-balanced appearance on the skin.

Jalupro® Classic

I often recommend Jalupro® Classic to my patients between the ages of 20-40. It can be applied to the face, around the eyes, neck, décolleté and different areas of the body.

Targeted with the Jalupro® Classic app:

  • Meeting the skin's moisture needs,
  • Increasing skin elasticity,
  • balancing skin tone,
  • Obtaining a bright and lively skin,
  • It is to reduce the appearance of scars,
  • including acne scars.

It is appropriate to apply 3 sessions of Jalupro® Classic with an interval of 2 weeks and repeat annually.

Jalupro® HMW

Jalupro® HMW is the Jaupro youth serum type I prefer to trigger decreased collagen and elastin production in patients over 40 years of age. It can be used for facial rejuvenation, lip rejuvenation, neck, décolleté and hand rejuvenation.

Targeted with the Jalupro® HMW app:

  • Increasing skin moisture
  • Reducing skin wrinkles
  • Increasing skin elasticity
  • It is to regulate the skin tone and increase its brightness.

I apply the Jalupro® HMW application in 2-3 sessions with an interval of 2 weeks and continue with Jalupro® Super Hydro 1 month after the last application.

alupro® Super Hydro

It is the jalupro youth serum that I prefer for my patients who want a simultaneous rapid lifting effect while increasing the skin quality in individuals over the age of 40. In addition, it is a suitable option for patients who do not want multiple needle entry into the skin.

Targeted with Jalupro® Super Hydro;

  • Increasing skin moisture
  • Correction of skin wrinkles
  • Regulation of skin tone
  • A lifting effect is provided by increasing elastin and collagen production in the skin.

Jalupro®  Young Eye

Jalupro®  Young Eye, yüksek biyoteknoloji ile tasarımlanmış patentli formüle sahip Jalupro gençlik serumlarından en yenisidir.

Jalupro® Young Eye ile hedeflenen;

  • Reducing under-eye dark circles, puffiness, bags
  • It is the removal of wrinkles around the eyes.

After 2 sessions of Jalupro® Young Eye 2-3 weeks apart, it is appropriate to apply a single dose of protection treatment every 3 months starting from the 6th month.

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