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Nd Yag Laser Hair Removal

Fotona Nd:YAG laser systems are ideal for permanent hair reduction as well as many other aesthetic skin treatments. Fotona provides safe and effective hair removal with the high performance Nd:YAG laser system with FRAC3® technology. With this innovative system, Fotona laser targets the hair follicles and does not harm the surrounding tissues.

Why Nd Yag Laser Hair Removal ?

The advantage of the Nd:YAG laser epilation system over other lasers is that it can effectively reduce unwanted hair on all skin types, including dark skin tones or tanned skin. The laser system that should be preferred especially in dark-skinned individuals and in the face area is the Nd Yag laser.

Which Hairs Is Nd Yag Laser Epilation Effective ?

Nd Yag laser epilation is effective in light or dark skinned individuals, black-brown hairs. Its effect is low in light-skinned individuals and blond hairs.

How Should the Hair Length Be Before Nd Yag Laser Epilation ?

Before the Nd Yag laser application, the hairs should be at least 2-3 mm long. Hair length longer than 5 mm is not recommended before the procedure.

How is Nd Yag Laser Hair Removal Applied ?

During the Nd Yag Laser Epilation application, the laser head is shot without touching the body. Gel is not used. Minimal pain is felt thanks to the cooling head.

How Often and How Many Sessions Should Nd Yag Laser Epilation Be Done ?

Session intervals in Nd Yag Laser Epilation often vary between 6-8 weeks. Although the effective result varies depending on the application area and hair type, it is often observed as of the 4th session.

Are There Any Side Effects After Nd Yag Laser Epilation Application ?

After the application, there may be redness and sensitivity on the skin for up to half an hour. In inappropriate doses, burns and crusting may occur on the skin. For this reason, it is appropriate to perform the procedure under the supervision of a doctor, by expert estheticians. After the procedure, it is important to use the recommended soothing cream and sunscreen.


What is Dermatology?

Dermatology is one of the sub-fields of medical science and includes external factors such as skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes. deals with the health and diseases of the surface organs.

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