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Can Skin Aging Be Prevented?

The skin is a complex and dynamic organ that most clearly shows the changes due to aging. Senile
Although it is defined as over 65 years of age, aging of the skin begins with birth and starts from the age of 20.
signs of aging appear on the skin.

The aging process is divided into two, depending on genetic and external factors. The speed of aging is genetic
Due to its structure, it also shows differences between all living things and individuals of the same species. aging
In addition to genetic factors, metabolic and endocrine factors also play a role in skin aging in the process of skin aging.
play. The main causes of aging due to external factors are sun rays, air pollution, smoking, stress and
is malnutrition. With aging, fine and deep wrinkles on the skin, dryness, loss of skin elasticity
loosening/sagging, spotting, increased vascularity, rashes and skin cancers as a result of

The answer to the question 'Can skin aging be prevented?' can be prevented due to external factors.
and the effects of genetic skin aging can be reduced. What needs to be done for this:

  • The use of sunscreen cream should not be neglected.
  • Attention should be paid to nutrition and sleep quality.
  • Smoking should not be used and alcohol consumption should be limited.
  • To repair the damage to the skin and to prevent possible deformities that may develop with age.
  • Botox, mesotherapy and device applications can be used.

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